Description Edit

Learn how to drive a Talent 2 EMU.

Objectives Edit

  • CLIMB ABOARD: Sit in the indicated Driver’s seat of the unit
  • BATTERY: Hold the Battery Switch in the ‘Ein’ position for 5 seconds
  • MASTER KEY: Turn the Master Key to ‘1’. MTDs will illuminate and display the Train Configuration
  • CONFIRM CONFIGURATION: Confirm the train configuration by pressing ‘E’ on the MFD/MTD
  • PANTOGRAPH: Press the Pantograph Toggle switch
  • PANTOGRAPH CIRCUIT BREAKER: Set the Pantograph Circuit Breaker to CLOSED
  • HEADLIGHTS: Set the exterior lights to DIMMED BEAM
  • REVERSER: Turn the Reverser Switch to FORWARD
  • HORN: Press the Horn button
  • INDIRECT BRAKE: Move the Indirect Brake to the Release Position
  • PARKING BRAKE: Press the Parking Brake Off button
  • THROTTLE: Move the Power/Brake handle into the power sector
  • THROTTLE: Set the Power/Brake handle to the central position
  • APPLY BRAKES: Move the Power/Brake handle into the brake sector
  • PARKING BRAKE: Press the Parking Brake On button

Task Log Edit

  • Welcome to this Talent 2 articulated electric multiple unit built by Bombardier Transportation. This is a three car variant delivered to the S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland network in 2013
  • During this brief introduction, we will cover how to start up the unit for operation; get moving; and then how to bring the unit to a stop.
  • To start with, climb aboard via the Cab Dorr and sit in the Driver’s seat
  • During normal operation, this unit draws electricity from the overhead catenary via a pantograph. However, since the pantograph is currently in the down position, we have to power the initial systems by priming the auxiliary battery.
  • With power available, use the Master Key to unlock the control desk and turn on the Multi-Functional Displays.
  • Now activate the pantograph, so that it raises up and makes contact with the overhead catenary.
  • Set the exterior lights for normal operation.
  • Set the Reverser to Forward.
  • Sound the horn to warn anyone around that the unit is about to move.
  • The unit has two braking systems: an indirect brake and a blended brake that is part of the Power/Brake handle.
  • Set the indirect brake to Release. This brake is generally not required during normal operation but can be used in cases of emergency.
  • Finally, switch off the Parking Brake.
  • Move the Power/Brake handle as required and the train will begin to accelerate.
  • Great work, the unit is now moving.
  • Set the Power/Brake handle back to the neutral position
  • Before travelling too far, let’s bring the train to a halt.
  • To do this, move the Power/Brake handle as required.
  • Now that the unit has stopped, press the Parking Brake On button.
  • Well done. That concludes this brief introduction to the Talent 2 articulated electric multiple unit.
  • A manual is also included which covers everything in this tutorial and more.

Controls Edit

  • WALK AROUND: Use W, A, S and D buttons to walk around
  • CLIMBING ABOARD: You will need to open the door, then climb up the steps
  • SIT IN SEAT: Press E to sit in any available seat
  • MASTER KEY: You can also use CTRL + W to set the Master Key
  • PANTOGRAPH: You can also use P to raise the Pantograph
  • HEADLIGHTS: You can also use H to toggle the Headlights
  • REVERSER: You can also use W to increase the Reverser
  • HORN: You can also press Space to sound the Horn
  • TRAIN BRAKE: You can also use ; to decrease the Train Brake
  • PARKING BRAKE: You can also use SHIFT+\ to release the Parking Brake
  • THROTTLE/BRAKE: You can also use A to increase the Throttle/Brake
  • THROTTLE/BRAKE: You can also use D to decrease the Throttle/Brake
  • PARKING BRAKE: You can also press \ to apply the Parking Brake
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