Rockwood Mine is located on a branch line at the westernmost line of Train Sim World's Sand Patch Grade route. The Rockwood Mine is located at the southern end of a branch off the Keystone Suvdivision heading towards Johnstown, however the Sand Patch Grade route terminates at the mine. Located at Rockwood Mine is one of the two coal loading facilities on the Sand Patch Grade Route. The Coal Loading tutorial is at this mine. The scenario Powering America Part 1 features loading a coal train at this mine before delivering the train to Cumberland in Part 2.

CSX Heavy Haul
Locomotives AC4400CW - GP38-2 - SD40-2
Rolling Stock BethgonII® Coal Gondola - Husky Stack® 53-foot Container Car - 89-foot Bi-Level Auto Rack - 5201-Cubic Foot Covered Car - 30,500 Gallon Tank Car - 50 foot Plate C Boxcar
Locations Cumberland - Sand Patch - Shaw Mine - Rockwood Mine
Operators CSX Transportation
Tutorials Intro Sequence Tutorial - Yard Switching - Locomotive Turntable - Locomotive Refuelling - AC4400CW Introduction - Coal Loading - Train Brakes: Theory - SD40-2 Introduction - GP38-2 Introduction
Scenarios Sand Patch Summit - A Helping Hand - Clear Cut - Fully Fuelled - Cumberland Charge - Ice and Snow - Powering America Part 1 - Powering America Part 2 - Cumberland Switchback
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