Description Edit

Learn how to operate a locomotive turntable.

Objectives Edit

  • OPERATOR'S SEAT: Enter turntable cabin and sit in seat.
  • MONITOR: Turn the Monitor ON.
  • LOCK LEVER: Unlock the turnable.
  • TURNTABLE: Align turntable with the locomotive.
  • LOCOMOTIVE: Head over to the locomotive and climb aboard.
  • LOCOMOTIVE: Stop the locomotive on the turntable
  • OPERATOR'S SEAT: Head over and sit back in the operator's seat.
  • TURNTABLE: Align turntable with the indicated track.
  • LOCOMOTIVE: Climb back aboard the locomotive.
  • LOCOMOTIVE: Stop the locomotive when clear of turntable.

Controls Edit

  • CCTV SCREEN: You can also press W to switch the CCTV screen.
  • LOCK / UNLOCK: You can also press S to Lock / Unlock the turntable.
  • ROTATE RIGHT: You can also press D to rotate right.
  • ROTATE LEFT: You can also press A to rotate left.

Task Log Edit

  • Let's take a look at how to use the turntable. It will come in useful around Cumberland Yard.
  • These are two key components: the table, which must be locked in place to use; and the control cabin where the table is operated from.
  • Take a seat inside the control cabin and we'll get started.
  • On the left is a Monitor to view the action outside.
  • In the middle is the Rotation control.
  • And on the right is the table Lock control.
  • Let's activate the desk by turning the Monitor ON, and unlocking the table.
  • Now, we want to rotate the table to point towards the nearby locomotive. Click on and drag the Rotation control to move the table in the direction you need. Let go of the Rotation control as the desired track nears the left side of the Monitor.
  • Before we head over to the locomotive, be sure to lock the table again so that the turntable is safe to drive onto.
  • As you drive onto the turntable, take it very slowly so you don't overshoot. Going slowly also means that not much brake is required to stop.
  • Once stopped, climb down from the locomotive and head back to the Control Cabin.
  • With the locomotive ready to be turned, activate the Monitor and unlock the table.
  • Using the Rotation control, turn the table and locomotive to the indicated track.
  • Lock the turntable in place before you leave, then climb back aboard the locomotive, and run it to the designated marker.
  • Excellent work! That concludes this tutorial on using turntables.
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