Description Edit

Learn how to refuel a locomotive.

Objectives Edit

  • FUEL CAP: Remove the fuel cap from the locomotive.
  • FUEL HOSE: Pick up the fuel hose.
  • FUEL HOSE: Attach the hose to the fuel tank.
  • BEGIN REFUELLING: Walk over to fuel pump and begin refuelling.
  • FUEL: Fill locomotive to maximum fuel level.
  • FUEL HOSE: Pick up the fuel hose again.
  • FUEL CAP: Place the fuel cap back on locomotive.

Controls Edit

There are no new controls in this tutorial.

Task Log Edit

  • Refuelling is an important part of keeping a locomotive running so let's go over how we do it.
  • A refuelling stand consists of two components: The hose which connects to the locomotive; and, the pump activation control.
  • A locomotive is already stopped in the right place. Walk over and remove the fuel cap.
  • Now, go and pick up th Fuel Hose.
  • Take it over to the locomotive and attach the hose to the fuel tank.
  • Return to the fuel stand and activate the refuelling pump.
  • The system will automatically switch off once the tank is full. You can see the state of refuelling by observing the indicator on the side of the fuel tank.
  • Pick up the hose and put it back on the fuel stand. Then replace the fuel tank cap.
  • And that's all there is to it.
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