Welcome to this tutorial on CSX Heavy Haul collectibles. On the Sand Patch Grade route there are 4 different types of collectibles, these are markers, safety posters, hard hats and signs, of which there are 25 of each. By collecting all the collectibles, you can gain the achievement 'Connoisseur'. Unlike the Great Western Express and Rapid Transit routes, the collectibles on Sand Patch Grade are located randomly along the route making them more difficult to find. By reducing the foliage quality in the settings, it will become easier to see the collectibles as they are often hid in areas covered by foliage.

Markers Edit

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The first type of collectible on the Sand Patch Grade route is a marker. Markers appear like a yellow pole with an orange end along with a shovel lying on the ground. These generally occur at railroad crossings. When you approach a marker, the shovel will disappear and the pole will become upright. You will also receive a message at the bottom of the screen saying that you have collected a marker.

Safety Posters Edit

Safety posters appear as a plain white square on the side of either a building or asset. To collect this collectible, walk towards it as with the marker. When you become close enough to the safety poster, it will change to show the poster design in the image to the right. Again, a message will show up saying that you have collected a safety poster.
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Hard Hats Edit

Hard Hats are probably the most difficult collectible to find on Sand Patch Grade. As seen in the image to the right, they are often hidden in the foliage making a reduced foliage quality advisable. Hard hats appear as hard hats with a CSX logo on the front. To collect one, simply walk towards it and once collected, it will disappear.
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Signs Edit

Signs are often difficult to find as they easily blend in with the surrounding environment. They appear as a metal pole. When you approach the metal pole, a CSX No Trespassing sign is added to the pole, as seen in the image to the right. Once the No Trespassing sign has been added, you have collected the sign.

Complete List Edit

For those who wish to find out the locations of the collectibles quickly, this guide on Steam Community shows the locations of all 100 collectibles on the Sand Patch Grade route:

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