Welcome to this tutorial on driving the BR Class 43 (HST) featured in the Great Western Express dlc. Any questions about this tutorial can be asked in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Driving the Locomotive Edit

The Class 43 was the very first Diesel High Speed Train to service the GWML as well as many other main lines in the UK, the cab is very straightforward with this design, even to go at high speeds in comfort. The left of the desk are the Train and Emergency Brakes, Windscreen De-icer, "Spare" Button, Train Supply Brake and the Headlight Switch. The panel on the left contains a TPWS Brake Override, Wipers, Train Supply Button, Parking Brakes, LED Test and the DRA Button, as well as a Train Brake Dial close to the middle. To the right on the desk, there's a Regulator with a Master key on top, the Throttle, Horn, and the AWS Reset Button. On the panel to the left has buttons section that are the Engine Start, Engine Stop, Drivers Buzzer, Gauge Dimmer, and Brake Test. While the Dial on the right shows the AMP output it uses. the front panel of the cab shows both the Speedometer and the AWS warning display and on top of the front window has a blind. Next to the doors on either side, has a cab light switch for one side of the cab itself. The back isn't much but has an Engine Room Lightswitch, which is useless as the player can't go into the engine room. On the secondman's desk, right next to you, has only the Climate Control and a Fan Speed knob. To the far right panel of the cab, contains both DSD and AWS Isolators to add safety to your train.

Starting the Locomotive Edit

Operation the Doors Edit

In reality, the Mk3 coaches doors are operated by the Conductor. With no actual conductor in Train Sim World, it is the Driver's responsibility to control the doors by pressing the TAB key (PC) or pressing the Left D-Pad (XB1). The menu will appear to choose either opening or closing the left or the right door.

Safety Systems Edit

The Class 43 has four types of safety features, AWS, TPWS, DSD, and DRA. These safety systems are covered in separate tutorials.

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