This tutorial covers switching (or shunting) as featured in CSX Heavy Haul. This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of train operation as provided in tutorials 1 and 2.

Switching is a very important element of CSX Heavy Haul with several switching scenarios and services being featured. For some practice, the Cumberland Switchback scenario is recommended.
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Switching often takes place in large yards such as Cumberland Yard, featured in CSX Heavy Haul. Due to the large size of these yards, several switches need to be changed when switching. There are two ways of doing this; the first is to use the track map which can be activated using the 9 key. The track map appears as shown in the image on the right. Hover the mouse cursor above a junction which will then highlight purple. By clicking on the junction, the switch will change.
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The second way of changing switches is the manual way. Firstly, exit the locomotive and walk to the switch which appears as shown in the image on the right. By left clicking on the switch, the switch will visibly change and so will the junction.
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The second aspect of switching covered in this tutorial is coupling and de-coupling freight wagons. In order to couple to a freight wagon, travel towards it at a slow speed (no greater than 3 mph or 5 km/h). As you approach the freight wagon, slow down. When the train reaches the freight wagon it will automatically attach to it.

In order to decouple from a freight wagon, exit the locomotive and walk to the coupling point. On the back of the train as shown in the image to the right, there will be a yellow handle. Left click on this handle to decouple the freight wagons.

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