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The alerter as seen in the GP38-2, SD40-2 and GP40-2. It illuminates red every 60 seconds.

This tutorial covers the 'Alerter' safety system as featured in CSX Heavy Haul. This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of operating locomotives as described in tutorials 1 and 2, particularly resetting a PCS application.

In Train Sim World, the Alerter is automatically deactivated. To activate it press the keys SHIFT + ENTER. In the AC4400CW, an indicator displaying 'Alerter 65' will appear on the standard IDF screen. When travelling above 5 mph, the number will count down. Once the countdown has reached 5, the alerter will sound and must be responded to by pressing the Q key. This will reset the countdown to 65 seconds.

In the SD40-2, GP38-2 and GP40-2, there is no visible countdown, but the alerter will sound and light up every 60 seconds, giving 5 seconds to respond. The Q key is again used to deactivate the alarm. If using an Xbox controller, press the B key.

If you do not respond to the alerter within the 5 seconds, a PCS application will happen. Details on how to respond to a PCS application are in the previous two tutorials.

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