This article is for the CSX Heavy Haul tutorial, for the NEC: New York tutorial, see GP38-2 YN3 Introduction.


Learn how to operate the EMD GP38-2

Objectives Edit

  • CLIMB ON LOCOMOTIVE: Climb aboard the GP38-2 locomotive
  • ENTER TRAIN CABIN: Walk through the door into the cabin
  • ENGINEER’S SEAT: Sit down in the Engineer’s Seat
  • FRONT HEADLIGHTS: Set Headlights to ‘Bright’
  • REVERSER: Set Reverser to ‘Forward’
  • AUTOMATIC BRAKE: Set Automatic Brake to ‘Release’
  • HORN: Sound the Horn twice
  • THROTTLE: Set Throttle to notch ‘1’
  • THROTTLE: Set Throttle to ‘IDLE’
  • AUTOMATIC BRAKE: Set Automatic Brake to ‘Initial Reduction’
  • STOP TRAIN: Bring the train to a stop

Task Log Edit

  • This is the latest generation General Purpose type 38 locomotive built by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors. Known as the GP38-2, it packs an efficient 16-cylinder diesel-electric motor able to generate 2,000 horsepower.
  • First off, walk over to the locomotive as indicated.
  • Open the cab door and proceed inside.
  • To take control, you’ll want the Engineer’s seat, head over and sit down.
  • Safety always comes first on the railroad, so to start with we need to let those around us know this locomotive is operational. Begin by turning the forward headlight controls to ‘Bright’.
  • There are three controls to operating this locomotive; the Reverse, Brakes and Throttle. The Reverser determines direction of travel. Put this into ‘Forward’.
  • To the left is the ‘Auto Brake’, which applies brakes along the entire length of the train. Let’s move this to ‘Release’.
  • We’re about to move, so make two blasts of the horn to alert anyone around. Remember, safety first.
  • Now add some power, but not too much! Too much power too soon, can damage both the locomotive and the cars. Always start of nice and slowly. Increase the Throttle lever by one notch.
  • You’re moving, great work. To maintain a constant speed move the Throttle back to its ‘IDLE’ position.
  • That concludes the basic Engineer Training on this locomotive, so let’s bring it to a stop. Move the Auto Brake to ‘Initial Reduction’. As with applying power, too much brake pressure applied too quickly, can be detrimental to the train and its cargo.

Controls Edit

  • HEADLIGHTS: You can also use H to toggle the Headlights
  • REVERSER: You can also use W to set the Reverser to Forward
  • AUTOMATIC BRAKE: You can also use; to decrease the Automatic Brake
  • HORN: You can also use Space to sound the Horn
  • THROTTLE: You can also use A to increase the Throttle
  • THROTTLE: You can also use D to decrease the Throttle
  • AUTOMATIC BRAKE: You can also use ‘ to increase the Automatic Brake
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