The DB BR 1442 is a variant of the Bombardier Talent 2 series of locomotives. It is featured in the Rapid Transit dlc for Train Sim World. The units are operated exclusively by Deutsche Bahn on the S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland. Unlike most DB trains, the DB BR 1442 does not have a DB Traffic Red livery but a silver S-Bahn livery. 36 of the Mitteldeutschland units operate in 3-car formation, coupling together to form 6-car double units during rush hour.

Deutsche BahnEdit

The DB BR 1442 is operated on the S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland by Deutsche Bahn since manufacture in 2013 and 2015. They were ordered specifically to comply with the new regulations for the Leipzig City Tunnel. The DB BR 1442 is used on all of the S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland routes, replacing older locomotives such as the DB BR 143.

Starting the Locomotive Edit

1. Enter the leading cab

2. On the back wall, hold the battery switch labelled “Batterie” to Ein for 4 seconds and then release.

3. Observe the “Lampentest Schaltschrank” light is now lit.

4. To run with PZB and/or SIFA safety systems enabled, toggle the PZB Störschalter and/or SIFA Störschalter switches to Ein appropriately.

5. Sit in the Driver’s seat

6. Turn the Master Switch to the ON position

7. Raise the pantograph by using the Pantograph Height Control Switch

8. Turn on the main circuit breaker by Main Circuit Breaker Switch

9. Ensure that the brake cylinder is showing pressure, indicating that the brakes are applied, it should be showing around 3 bar when stationary.

10. Press the Handbrake Release button.

11. Ensure the Throttle/Brake lever is set to the central position.

12. Move the Indirect Brake Lever to the release position.

13. Set the headlights to the correct position.

14. Move the Reverser Switch to the forwards direction (marked “V” on the switch label).

15. Open the doors left or right as required. Door controls for each side of the train can be controlled independently. Interaction with the door system can be achieved by using the TAB key on the keyboard and selecting the appropriate option. If the doors are open, a relevant option to close and lock the doors will be available. Important Safety Notice: Care should be taken to ensure the correct doors are unlocked, only unlock doors that are adjacent to a platform. For reference, the left side relates to the left side when facing the direction of travel.

16. Once it is time to depart, press the button to close the doors and wait for them to finish closing. Push the Throttle/Brake lever to release the brakes and apply throttle, the unit should begin to pull away.

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