Description Edit

Learn how to load a hopper with coal.

Objectives Edit

  • SET TARGET SPEED: Set the target speed to 2MPH.
  • SLOW SPEED CONTROL: Enable the Slow Speed Control.
  • LOCOMOTIVE: Bring the locomotive up to speed.
  • LOAD COAL: Load Coal in to five hoppers.
  • STOP OR CONTINUE: Load the remaining cars or stop the train.

Controls Edit

  • SCREEN VIEW: Press the Left Arrow button for a better view of the screen.
  • MOUSE CONTROL: To use the screen buttons, you'll need to Right Mouse Click.
  • FIRST PERSON: Press the Right Arrow to return back to first person.
  • STOP TRAIN: Stop the train at any time to complete this tutorial.

Task Log Edit

  • Coal loading is a common occurrence on Sand Patch Grade so we better take a look at how to do it.
  • To engage the loading process, the train must be moving at a constant rate, and not exceeding the speed limit.
  • In order to move the train very slowly, this locomotive is fitted with 'Speed Control'. This is located on the Integrated Function Display.
  • We're now ready to move under the Coal Loader ahead so get the train moving. As we have set the Slow Speed Control, it does not matter what throttle position is used, the locomotive will only travel at the indicated speed.
  • When the train is within range, the loader will activate and notification will appear.
  • The process of loading the cars is completely automated. As each car passes under the chute, the loader will dispence coal until it is full. This will continue until all the cars are loaded. With the train under semi-automatic control, you can watch the loading process from an external camera.
  • To bring the train to a halt, return the Throttle handle to Idle and, on the Integrated Function Display, press 'Slow Speed Control Off'. Now bring the train to a stop.
  • You're now trained on loading coal. There are two facilities for coal loading on the Sand Patch Grade: Rockwood Mine and Shaw Mine.
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