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  • ENTER CAB: Enter the locomotive cab
  • SIT IN SEAT: Sit in the Driver's seat to get started

Task LogEdit

  • This is the Class 166 in Great Western Railway livery. This unit is used up and down the Great Western Mainline providing stopping services to thousands of commuters each week. Today you're going to learn how to take control of this unit, start it up, get it moving and then bring it to a stop.
  • Start by climbing aboard the unit. Enter through the cab door in front of you.
  • Take a look around and when you're ready have a seat in the driver's chair.
  • First, you need to get the engine up and running. Start by unlocking the Reverser using the Master Key


  • WALK AROUND: Use W, A, S and D buttons to walk around
  • LOOK AROUND: Move the mouse to look around
  • SIT IN SEAT: Press E to sit in any available seat
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