Operate a manifest train up from Fresh Pond Yard to Oak Point Yard.

Objectives Edit

  • CLIMB ABOARD: Sit in the Engineer's seat of the lead locomotive
  • TRAIN SETUP: Set the Reverser to REVERSE and sound the horn TWICE
  • STOP AT LOCATION: Reverse up to Bay Bridge Yard
  • STOP AT LOCATION: The top of Bay Bridge Yard
  • COUPLE TO FORMATION: 15 vehicles
  • WAIT: Wait for a moment
  • COUPLE TO FORMATION: 15 vehicles
  • WAIT: Wait for a moment
  • GO VIA LOCATION: Freemont Branch
  • STOP AT LOCATION: Oak Point Approach
  • STOP AT LOCATION: Oak Point Track 3
  • DISEMBARK: Climb down from the train to complete this duty

Task Log Edit

  • Welcome to Fresh Pond Junction. Today you'll be operating a local transfer over to Oak Point Yard.
NEC: New York
Locomotives ACS-64 - GP38-2
Rolling Stock Amfleet I - 50 foot Plate C Boxcar - 5201-Cubic Foot Covered Car - 30,500 Gallon Tank Car - 73-foot center-beam flatcar - 85-foot Open Deck Flatcar
Locations Newark Airport - Newark - New York Penn - Fresh Pond Yard - Oak Point Yard - New Rochelle
Operators Amtrak - CSX Transportation
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