The BR Class 33 is an upcoming loco dlc for the West Somerset Railway route. Built during the 1960s for British Rail's Southern Region, the Class 33 is now in preservation on routes such as the WSR.

Scenarios and Service Mode Edit

The Class 33 will have full service mode integration for the West Somerset Railway. There are 3 scenarios featured also:

  • Minehead Mariner - Run a special service, originating out of York, from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead
  • Pit Stop - A Crompton service is due for arrival and requires refueling. When safe to do so, get the job done
  • Take it Home - The last service of this evening is heading for Minehead where it will finish for the night. Before it's time for home, the coaches and locomotive must be parked and shut down.

A Tutorial is also included.

Achievements Edit

  • Class 33 Straight Outta Crompton: Complete the Class 33 Introduction Tutorial
  • Class 33 Bluejacket: Complete the Minehead Mariner Scenario
  • Class 33 Solid Steel Construction: Reach Loco Level 10 in the Class 33
  • Class 33 All the threes: Complete 33 passenger boarding tasks in the Class 33
  • Class 33 Crompton Cruiser: Operate the Class 33 for 330 miles
BR Class 33
Tutorials Class 33 Introduction
Scenarios Minehead Mariner - Pit Stop - Take it Home
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NEC: New York CSX GP40-2
West Somerset Railway BR Class 33