The Amfleet I coach is operated by Amtrak on the Northeast Corridor route between Washington and Boston in conjunction with ACS-64 locomotives. It is featured in the NEC: New York dlc for Train Sim World with standard coach, cafe and business class variants where it operates InterCity services along the entire route from Newark Airport to New Rochelle.

NEC: New York
Locomotives ACS-64 - GP38-2
Rolling Stock Amfleet I - 50 foot Plate C Boxcar - 5201-Cubic Foot Covered Car - 30,500 Gallon Tank Car - 73-foot center-beam flatcar - 85-foot Open Deck Flatcar
Locations Newark Airport - Newark - New York Penn - Fresh Pond Yard - Oak Point Yard - New Rochelle
Operators Amtrak - CSX Transportation
Tutorials ACS-64 Introduction - GP38-2 YN3 Introduction
Scenarios City Sprinter - Terminal Switcher - City Lights - Back Track - Right Round - Trash Collector - New York Switcher