Discharge a rake of hoppers at Hayes tarmac facility before working the train over to Acton Yard and preparing it for the return journey to the West Country.

Objectives Edit

  • EM2000 – SLOW SPEED CONTROL: Enter the Slow Speed Control mode on the EM2000
  • SLOW SPEED CONTROL: Turn the Slow Speed Control to ON
  • SLOW SPEED CONTROL: Start the Slow Speed Control using F1 on the EM2000
  • AUTOMATIC BRAKE: Release the Automatic Brakes
  • THROTTLE: Set the Throttle to NOTCH 1
  • GO VIA LOCATION: Unloading Facility
  • AUTOMATIC BRAKE: Apply the Automatic Brakes
  • SLOW SPEED CONTROL: Turn the Slow Speed Control to OFF
  • REVERSER: Set the Reverser to FORWARD
  • AUTOMATIC BRAKE: Release the Automatic Brakes
  • THROTTLE: Apply power using the Throttle
  • STOP AT LOCATION: Hayes Goods Loop
  • WAIT: Wait for a moment
  • STOP AT LOCATION: Acton Yard Reception
  • STOP AT LOCATION: Shunt Siding
  • STOP AT LOCATION: Acton Yard Refuelling
  • FUEL CAP: Remove the Fuel Cap from the Locomotive
  • FUEL HOSE: Connect the fuel hose to the locomotive
  • BEGIN REFUELLING: Walk over to the fuel pump and begin refuelling
  • REFUEL LOCOMOTIVE: Refuel the locomotive to maximum fuel capacity
  • FINISH REFUELLING: Place the fuel hose and fuel cap back
  • COUPLE TO FORMATION: As indicated
  • GO TO PORTACABINS: Head to the Portacabins to complete the scenario

Task Log Edit

  • That was a good run from the West Country, but it’s now time to get down to business and unload these wagons.
  • Set up for shunting and reverse the train through the discharge facility to get these wagons unloaded.
  • That was great work. You should get that train over to Acton Yard where it can be prepared before the return trip to the Mendips.
  • You’ll need to refuel before the return trip, so detach from the wagons and move the locomotive over to the fuel stand.
  • Now the locomotive is ready to go get hooked back up to the wagons and that’ll be you done for the day.
  • A job well done. Grab a break in the portable cabins by the car park
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