The 4th Generation Doppelstockwagen is a type of double deck passenger coach and cab car used by Deutsche Bahn on regional services across Germany. Built since 1997 by Bombardier, they have mainly been purchased by Deutsche Bahn, along with other railway operators across Europe. These are featured in the Ruhr Sieg Nord route where they are used in conjunction with the DB BR 143 locomotive for passenger operations.

Ruhr Sieg Nord
Locomotives DB BR 143 - DB BR 185
Rolling Stock Doppelstockwagen - Roos-t 645 - Habbiins 344 - Shimms-U 708 - Shimms-TTU 722
Locations Hagen HBF - Finnentrop
Operators Deutsche Bahn
Tutorials DB BR 185.2 Introduction - DB BR 143 Introduction
Scenarios Rise and Shine - Freight Exchange - Returning Empty - Storm Trail - Heavy Metal