Wiki Guidelines: Vandalism

This post will outline the vandalism policy. If you believe this policy should be updated, please leave a comment.

Whilst I hope this policy will not need to be implimented, the policy is defined here so that users know what action will be taken in the event of an article being vandalised.

What is Vandalism?
Vandalism is defined as the act of adding false information to the wiki, whether intentional or not.

What happens if a page is vandalised?
If a page is vandalised, the vandalism will be removed and a message will be displayed in the page history explaining why the edit was reversed. A message will also be left in the comments at the bottom of the page. If you believe your edit was wrongfully reversed, feel free to reply to the comment, where the edit can be discussed. Please do not re-edit until the issue is resolved.

What happens if vandalism happens again?
If the messages are ignored, and the vandalism added again, the article will be protected for one week. If an article is protected, only administrators and content moderators can edit that article. A notice will be left in the comments stating that the page is protected and the date and time when the protection will end. The time will be displayed in four timezones:
*Pacific Time (USA)
*Eastern Time (USA)
*UK Time
*Central European Time

What happens if there is further vandalism from a user?
If the user continues to vandalise the wiki, further action will be taken against that user. Such action could include banning from the wiki.

Thank you for taking the time to read this policy.